Thursday, February 12, 2009

Batman the Brave and the Bold

I really like this series, for several reasons.

First of all, it's a campy take on the old comic book series, Batman the Brave and the Bold. Its a great opportunity for DC to get kids and adults back into their characters. Its also a good excuse to recycle some character that a) don't get a lot of face time b) no one really cares about. For example, I really had no idea who Deadman was until I saw the preview for the episode. Either way its smart. Other notable heroes is guys like B'Wana Beast, Bronze Tiger, Fun Haus and Clock King just to name a few.

Second, I really like the art style. For me, I am reminded of DK2 when I see it, which is what intially drew me to the series. Obviously its not as colorful or abstract, but it is still edgy and exciting.

Third, the writing is very good for a kids show. Obviously, the writers knew that adults and older fans were going to be interested when the series came out. I don't want to say the show is toned down but it is not as serious as some of DC's writing. I also really like all the stupid jokes and action they have. The show really gives a humorous element to a lot of characters you wouldn't expect it from (Aquaman). A prime example is the fact that Green Arrow isn't a communist. Another is that Batman, as sullen and dark as he tries to be, is actually a pretty friendly and good natured guy. They touch upon his parents death at point, but its never as serious a motivator as other elements.

All in all, Batman the Brave and the Bold is a really great series. It reminds me of the campy, Adam West era Batman but adapted well for the modern age. As I've said before, there are two different types of Batman, the Dark Side and the Campy Lighter Side. Everyone loved the Dark Knight and I don't blame them but I think theres no way to beat the Campy, Silliness that Batman has to offer. (Which is why I love Batman & Robin, but thats a different dicussion altogether)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Final Fantasy Update

From time to time, I will be posting my progress of my characters in Final Fantasy Tactics. Its just a nerdy thing I would like to do and also it would help me to keep track of where I am going in terms of skills and character classes. If you have any suggestions as to what I should do or would like to share a personal experience of your own, feel free to chim in.


Velasquez: Race: Bangaa
Current Job Class: Dragoon
Goal(s): Max out Dragoon Class then work on Warrior

Montblanc: Race: Moogle
Current Job Class: Mog Knight
Goal(s): Finish Mog Rush, then Move onto Time Mage, Then Juggler. Basically Cover all possible jobs.

Dalia: Race: Viera
Current Job Class: White Mage
Goal(s): Finish Curaga and Turbo MP, then Work on Fencer -> Elementalist to achieve Assasian ultimately.

Holbin: Race: Moogle
Current Job Class: Animist
Goal(s): Finish 100% Wool, then switch to Black Mage & Thief, Then Time Mage. Basically I want to give him options for his Second Ability Slot as a Gunner.

Stuart: Race: Bangaa
Current Job Class: White Monk
Goal(s): Max the rest of the White Monk Skills I have, then continue to work on Bishop and Templar as the game progresses.

Yolando: Race: Nu Mo
Current Job Class: BeastMaster
Goal(s): Max BeastMaster and then build up White and Black Mage skills. Then focus on the Sage Class. More or less, I want to make him an all around Magician.

Suzanna: Race: Viera
Current Job Class: Fencer
Goal(s): Finish Fencer Class, then Elementalist, then Red Mage and finally start training as Summoner.

Kai: Race: Human
Current Job Class: Fighter
Goal(s): Finish Doublehand, Train Paladin, Black Mage and White Mage. Ultimately, become an Illusionist.

Moritz: Race: Human
Current Job Class: Ninja
Goal(s): Finish Unspell, then Train White Magee and Black Mage, then Archer -> Hunter so I have a Hunter to capture monsters.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Introductions are due

Hello All,

My Name is Sam Kusek and I will be the sole writer of this blog, which I've aptly named "Damage -> MP". If you haven't guessed by the name, this blog is about nerdy things. Namely Comics, Manga, Video Games, Bad Scifi Movies, Good Scifi Movies, Television, and probably more comics and manga.

Before I start writing though, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a 21 year old College Student, living in Boston, MA. I attend Emerson College, where I am pursuing a degree in Marketing Communications with a Minor in Pyschology. In lamans terms, I want to sell you things you may or may not need. Someone's gotta do it. Aside from my academic ventures, I am a coneseour of all things nerdy. My main interest is in Manga, however, my interest in American comics is increasing rather quickly. I write for an online publication called Manga Recon (link provided: Its a great gig and its certainly gotten me started, but it often times leaves me yearning for more. I have read so many series and have so many opinions that I thought this would be a good chance to voice some of them and get my ideas out there. So in essence, this blog is a chance for me to enlighten you on the world of Manga and Comics, as well as Video Games and other nerdy things I encounter. To start, here is a list of favorites that I have so far:

-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
-Law of Ueki
-Eyeshield 21
-Cyborg 009

-Unlikely by Jeffery Brown
-The Dark Knight Strikes Back by Frank Miller
-Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed? by Liz Prince
-Civil War

Video Games:
-Legend of Mana
-Persona 3
-Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
-Pokemon Red & Blue
-Chrono Trigger
-Legend of the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
-Katamari Damacy

-Mystery Science Theatre 3000 The Movie
-Metropolis ( The Osamu Tezuka Verison)
-Wet Hot American Summer
-The Warriors
-Battle Royale

So sit back and enjoy the intensive ride of Nerddom. I hope you enjoy my views on all things nerdy and would love to hear some feedback from you all, as well as converse with someone of you.